Next Door Studios – Brotherly Playtime

Well, you came on by at pretty much the right time to get to see a new next door studios update here today and the two studs that get to be featured in it. And for a change, in this one you can see the couple employ the use of some sex toys as well to play with one another. Let’s get to watch them getting down and dirty and see them playing naughty for the afternoon for you and the cameras and you can bet that you will experience a brand new and kinky next door gallery this afternoon too. And trust us when we tell you that you just have to see this pair of guys getting naughty with their sex toys today in their fuck scene here!

They get to use the bedroom for this one and boy do they make great use of it as well. The guy in the blue tank top is the one to end up getting to be on the receiving end of the mentioned toys and you can see him getting on the bed and bending over for his buddy in the red shirt that’s about to put all of those toys to some pretty good use here today. Watch him take the time to penetrate that sexy ass with progressively larger and larger dildos, making the blue shirt guy moan in pleasure throughout the thing as his ass gets stretched nice and wide here today. Enjoy it and see you all soon with another new and fresh update everyone. Until then, bye bye!


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