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Next Door Studios video – Outdoors fuck

Another fresh week and time for some more nice and sexy hardcore gay next door studios videos to be brought to you. This one has another outdoor fuck just like a past update we had, that you can see by clicking here everyone. Today we had two hot and sexy studs do some nice outdoor fucking too after they decided to take a break from their jogging in the afternoon sun. It seems that their bodies were even more hot and horny and they needed to do something about it one way or another. So let’s get this show on the road and see them playing nice and hard with one another’s nice bodies without delay shall we?

They take their stop and they star to talk. It didn’t take them long to figure out that both of them were horny, so they started hinting at having some nice and hard fun outdoors with their bodies, and soon they agreed on it too. Sit back and watch them taking off their shorts and underwear, and see the two guys starting to take turns on sucking each other’s cocks. Of course that is followed by them anally fucking each other in turns too. And at the end of it all, they both blew their load all over one another to end this scene nicely. have fun like usual, and do check out the past scenes as well for some more superb nextdoorstudios videos and pictures! Also you can visit the site and watch similar videos featuring some handsome guys in suits who are crazy about getting their asses fucked!

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Next Door Studios – Gay threesome video

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to this amazing next door studios update. This week we have for you one unforgettable video with the trio of guys that have fun for you today. They look extremely eager to release their tension into one another! Just like in a past free bait buddies scene, this scene involves a mechanic as he was called in to fix the car of a couple formed from two dudes. Sure enough they will end up in a whole more entertaining scene, as horny guys, as you know, always do that here. So let’s not pause and see the video as they get to have hard core sex today.

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The guys showed up, and as he started his analysis the two studs were sitting around worried about the car. Well it seems to have been a minor thing that was fixed easy, but the guy didn’t appreciate getting called all the way there just for that. So he wanted compensation. Well the couple had the right idea as they were just about to fuck, so they invited the guy to have a threesome with them. Sit back and watch the mechanic and the other dude fucking the guy’s nice and tight ass with their hard cocks this afternoon! If you liked this nextdoorstudios video please join us next week for more horny men getting their asses dicked!

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Hardcore gay gangbang update

This time next door studios wanted to do something a little bit special for you guys, so what else would have been a good choice other than to just pile up all the guys in one place and let them have a blow out. Yes that’s exactly what we did, and you get to see here tons and tons of the studs that you saw in previous updates partying hard and having hard style sexual gay fun with each other too. They were all happy about it too and they could barely wait for the shooting itself to being and capture them in action fucking all over the place.

So what we have here is one nice and hard group fucking session that you will surely love and adore, and you can be sure that everyone had a blast…Well both figuratively and otherwise. So just take a seat and enjoy the hard style ass banging that went down with all of the studs this nice afternoon. You get to see big and hard cocks sucked everywhere and of course nice and asses penetrated as well. Take your time with it and do make sure to come back next week for another superb and fresh next door studios scene! If you’re looking for similar gay sex videos and pics, check out the site and see some muscled gay guys fucking each other’s tight ass senseless!

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Next Door Studios – Vinny Castillo and Ray Diaz

Well here we are again with another amazing and scene. This week we have a next door studios pics gallery that will blow you away, just as Ray did to Vinny’s cock. Well the two studs are Vinny Castillo and Ray Diaz and they are going to show off their most recent scene together just for you as they had a nice and hard style fuck session on the side of the road for this nice afternoon too. So let’s not waste time and just see the show get started as we bet that you are eager to see them fucking too.


Vinny is a police patrol officer on the road, and it seems that Ray was driving a little bit too fast. Well he set out to give him a ticket for speeding, but Ray started to beg and bargain his way out of the ticket as he was unable to pay the fine of course. Well Vinny had a great idea how to make sure Ray pays his dues, and he straight off told him he’d have his ass. Ray didn’t argue with that as he always fancied getting a good fuck from a police man. So sit back and see Ray sucking that cock to please Vinny this afternoon! Check out the nextdoorstudios official Instagram page, to see more hot photos! If you wanna see hot hot gay guys nailing their asses, check out the website and have fun!

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Paul Wagner and Alexi Auclair

The next door studios scene that we bring you, has two more sexy and horny hunks playing naughty and kinky in the evening on their bed. They are Paul Wagner and Alexi Auclair and both of them know how to party hard in bed. Let’s get their show rolling today and see how they like to spend the time having sexual fun shall we? This is a scene like you’ve never seen before and we know that you will enjoy it. So let the cameras toll, and let’s see the duo enjoying their evening fuck session as much as they want in front of the cameras.

Of course, the scene itself starts off with some nice and long blow job sessions as the studs need to get those cocks hard and ready for each other’s asses, so you can see them taking turns to suck each other off today. Sit back and watch the sexy and cute Alexi as he gets to shove that big cock of his in Paul’s eager mouth and throat and see him face fucking his fuck buddy for a good while. Then it was off to anal pleasures and you see them taking turns to fuck each other in the ass as well. Have fun with the scene everyone! If you liked this post and you are looking for similar content, check out the website and have a great time watching some muscled men sucking and fucking!


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Next Door Studios Hardcore locker room fuck

Another fresh week and time to see another amazing and hot gay fucking next door studios scene today. This time we have two more studs that were done with their practice for the day and they were quite eager to get to do some nice and hard ass fucking with each other today. They are both hockey players, and they like to fuck as hard as they train and play. So you can bet that you’ll have what to see today. And how could you not when their motto is play hard and then relax hard too. Anyway, let’s get started and see this show of theirs.


The cameras start rolling, and the two studs can be seen coming in after their particular practice session today. They start undressing and eyeing each other. They know exactly what they are about to do, as they always do this after practice. As we said it doesn’t involve leaving the lockers as the two have more things to do. So sit back and watch them fucking each other in the ass all evening long today just for you to enjoy. We’ll be taking our leave and we’ll see you next week with another sexy nextdoorstudios update! Until then, visit the blog and watch some gorgeous men fucking each other’s tight ass hole!

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Fucking the mechanic

In today’s fresh next door studios update, we have two very hot and sexy studs that have some hard sex scenes for your enjoyment. Of course, more hot and horny guys can be found by clicking here, but for now let’s just watch the two getting it on shall we? This scene has this customer that is visibly upset coming to the car shop to speak with the mechanic. His car should have been fixed a few days ago but because of a busy schedule, the guy had to postpone the repairs on this particular vehicle. Well the client is very pissed about it and he, of course, wants compensation as he needs the car for work use, and the mechanic has to find a quick solution.

Well it turns out that the whole deal had a very easy solution to it, as all the mechanic had to do was offer up some complementary sex servicing for his cock too. Of course that the customer took the deal, and so the dude whipped out that nice and big cock out of the pants and started to suck and slurp on it with a passion. The two missionary boys had such great fun, that they took to fuck all over the place as you will see, and the mechanic also ends up bent over the dude’s car and having his nice and tight ass fucked hard style and balls deep today. Enjoy the scene as always guys and gals and do come back soon for some more nice nextdoorstudios galleries!



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Hardcore pool table fuck

This new and fresh week brings you some new and hot, horny next door studios studs to see, and we bet they’ll be quite to your liking. The two studs were playing a game of pool, and yes they are friends with benefits. Well after some games they both kind of get horny, so one of them decided to make a bet. Which ever one of them would get to win would have the other one as the man slut for the afternoon today. And so with the agreement made, they started the game. And as you can see, the guy with the hat won too.


Well the other guy had no choice but to do what his buddy said, so firs things first, they get nude. The guy with the hat takes his spot on the table, and has his fuck buddy sucking and slurping on his nice and hard cock with a passion. Then he takes his time to anally fuck him as well, but in the end he wanted to have his ass taken care of too. So you also get to see the guy with the hat laying on the pool table with his legs spread open as his buddy gives his ass a nice and hard dicking today too. Enjoy! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, join the blog and watch some hot twinks getting their asses fucked!


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Next Door Studios – Wright and Cameron

You guys just loved Cameron in his last next door studios scene that we had here, and we just had to bring him back once more for this one. Today he is joined by Wright and the two guys set out to entice and entertain you as well as themselves with one hard style fuck fest in their living room while sitting on the nice and sexy red leather couch. And oh boy did it get used by these two studs today. Take your time to see the free bait buddies action going down with them today and make sure that you don’t skip a single image in this nice and fresh gallery update today. So without further due, let’s see the two hunks in action as they fuck each other hard shall we?

The cameras start rolling and first thing you see, is Cameron on the couch gently thrusting his hips forward as he as Wright sucking and slurping on his hard cock. Enjoy seeing him moaning in pleasure as he has those juicy expert lips and tongue taking care of his fat cock today. Well Cameron rewards his fuck buddy with his own ass, and as Wright gets to lay on his back, you get to see Cameron take his spot on top of him, and you get to watch him riding that nice and hard cock with that nice and tight ass all afternoon long for today. We hope you liked it and we will see you again next week with another amazing and fresh nextdoorstudios update guys! If you liked this scene and you are looking for similar content, check out the site and watch some bisexual guys sucking and fucking!



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Cameron Foster and Scotty Dean

Hey there guys yet again and welcome back to another next door studios this fine day today. This week we bring you the nice and hot studs Cameron Foster and Scotty Dean and their simply superb and sizzling hot fuck session for the afternoon. The two guys know exactly how to please each other, and with that, you can be sure that the two guys will be putting on quite the sizzling hot and sexy show for you guys to see without delay. So let’s watch them in action and how they fuck one another today.


As the scene starts off, Cameron is the one to drop on his knees first, and you can see her slurping and deep throating Scotty’s mighty fine and hard cock first. Then of course, Scotty treats him the same way, so you can see him sucking and slurping on his cock as well. This is one amazing fuck scene with them and you just need to see them plowing each other’s tight and fine rear ends as well after the sweet and sloppy blowjobs today. As per always we will be coming back next week with another amazing update for you guys! If you can’t wait until then, visit the site and watch some horny east boys sucking big cocks!

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