NextDoor Studio – Bubble But

This one is going to be hot. Nextdoor studio has another hot scene for you guys. This time we have a hot house bitch getting fucked by his boss. He just applied for the job, a couple of days ago and he was hired. His boss paid him a lot of money and on the first day at the job he understood why. His boss didn’t wear any clothes around the house and didn’t want his employees to wear any either.

This was a really weird thing, but he already signed the contract so he went with it. Once he appeared in front of him completely naked, his boss couldn’t stop staring at his bubbly butt. While he was dusting in the living room, his boss made his first move. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself and hard to test his new butler out. He didn’t have any problem telling him that he’s fired is he didn’t sleep with him. He couldn’t afford to lose the job so here we are, his cute bubbly ass getting smashed by his horny boss. You can see everything in the next door studios scene below!

Enjoy watching the house bitch getting his ass fucked!