NextDoorStudio – Joey’s First

Hey there and welcome back! Nextdoorstudio is here with another juicy episode and this time we have Joey getting his virgin ass fucked for the first time. The new guy is in the best hands and we are sure that he is going to enjoy every second of it. Joey moved in the same house with our guy without knowing that he’s into guys. That wouldn’t be a problem, but at least he would’ve expected to see a lot of guys, new guys, every day around the house. Joey got used pretty quickly with the atmosphere around the house and he liked his housemate, a lot more than expected.

Joey doesn’t have any experience in this area but he’s been attracted to guy for a while now, so this was his time to try it out. His housemate was more than pleased to help him out and took care that his first time would be something he would remember. He surprised us all with how good he took it all and you can check it out in the scene below. See you guys next time with more!

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