Married Secrets

In this nexdoorstudios episode, we found out some really interesting secrets, that we want to share with you. This guy had a little affair outside his marriage and the guy that fucks his ass was the one in charge with keeping it a secret. After many nights away from home, it was meant to happen and it did, repeatedly with each visit to the hotel. He found this cute guy at the hotel he was staying in and one night after he dragged him to his room he convinced him to stay. Then it seemed just a drunk man mistake but he made that mistake more than once.

The married guy really enjoyed getting fucked by the young, tattooed guy that worked at the front desk. It wasn’t right for so many of reasons, he is married, he shouldn’t sleep with the hotel clients but none of them could put a stop to it. The hunks offered us a hell of a scene and we couldn’t get enough of seeing these two fucking and sucking in that hotel suite. You can see them too in the scene below and we’ll see you next time with more!


Watch here this guy getting his ass pounded!